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Three shows to choose from!

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"An action packed puppet cabaret"

Puppetease performed by Ross Browning is an action packed puppet cabaret combined with funky, live music. Ross's hilarious puppetry and infectious jazz will have your whole school jumping! Puppetease... already an inspiration to over a half-a-million children... is guaranteed to excite your students into a frenzy of puppet making activities!!

Puppetease encourages students to think about the design process in puppet making, the tools, equipment and materials needed, and the practicalities of assembly. By the end of the show your students will have a broad understanding of the range and types of puppets . Many will go home and make their own puppets.

Curriculum Links - PDF (51Kb)


To provide students with an entertaining overview of some of the types of puppets used in puppetry today. To show students how easy it is to make and perform with simple puppets using everyday objects.

Key Learning Areas:

  • Creative and Practical Arts
  • Science & technology
  • Music
  • HSIE
  • Mathematics


  • Puppet making and design
  • Types of Puppets
  • The art of puppetry
  • How to make your own puppets


 55 mins

Year Level:

Cost per student:    

Minimum Call out fee: 



$880.00 - applies where 110 or less attend 


Ross performs 12 different puppet sketches which demonstrate the diversity of the puppet world - every episode is different - using.... Finger puppets ,Moving mouth puppets, Glove puppets , Rod puppets, Hand puppets, Marottes, Junk puppets, Hand puppets, Muppet style puppets

Expect the unexpected, with constant movement, jazz & blues, jokes, sight gags, puppet-making demonstrations and lots of audience participation.Sketches are linked with demonstrations of how to make and perform with puppets, using old folk stories, nursery rhymes, live music and singing.


"One of the Best shows I have seen in 30 yrs of Teaching" - Cardiff P/S NSW

"One of the best shows for this level K-6 I have ever seen! Ross Browning is totally professional pre & post performance, and simply dynamic" - David Musgrove, Tudor House Mossvale NSW.

"Outstanding lively learning exercise. A wonderful mix of practical instruction, storey telling, music and entertainment" - Mt Eliza Nth P.S. Victoria

"The kids couldn't stop talking about it. They were all totally engaged throughout the show. And thank you also for the EXCELLENT teacher's notes you provided. They are the most thorough and professionally presented - the best I've ever seen!" - Margaret Haug, Pallamallawa Primary NSW

"I am writing to express our thanks and appreciation for the wonderful show you put on for the Stroud & Stroud Road children last Monday week. The children are still talking about their time with you!" -
Kim Halloway, Principal, Stroud P/S NSW

"The total student and staff body were enthralled throughout the performance" -
Macfarlane P/S Northern Territory

"Ross has presented three different shows at four successive Australian Science Festivals It is highly unusual that an event holder be asked back two, three or even four times. Why did we do this? Ross is a very talented professional and an exceptional team player. His shows are invariably booked out and extremely well received. Ross's shows are well-researched, scientifically accurate, and as educational as they are entertaining." -
Mary-Anne Waldren, Executive Director, The Australian Science Festival 

"On behalf of the 76 schools and their 11,293 students.. the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The blend of music, puppetry, humour and Ross's professionalism makes Puppetease a must for any School's Touring Program." -
Victorian Arts Council

NSW Department of Education & Training:

" Ross skilfully escorts the audience through a series of fast paced amusing acts involving a large variety of easily constructed puppets and live music. A thoroughly delightful, entertaining and professional performance. The procedures for construction of each puppet are outlined and demonstrated enthusing the audience to make their own puppets. Excellent Teachers notes are also provided."


 Seasons and Tours: More than 3,000 performances so far!

  • Queensland Arts Council 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997,1999, 2000.
  • Victorian Arts Council 1994, 1995, 1999,
  • Northern Territory Arts Council 1991
  • Australian Science Festival 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
  •  National Tours thoroughout Australia & New Zealand with Nora Goodridge Management 1991 - 1998 +  School Performance Tours 2004 - 2006
  • The Powerhouse Museum, The Australian Museum